“That Great Moment When”…9 times when being TALL wins it all

26 Apr

Earlier this week we let you know about some times when being tall can be a little awkward.  But as we all know, there are plenty of advantages to being an en-heightened individual.  Today we’ll let you know 9 reasons why it’s really cool to be TALL.  Here you go…

1.  When it’s time to get that promotion

We all like money, right?  Right!  Well lucky for us talls, it’s been proven time and time again that we tend to make more money than our shorter co-workers.  According to a study conducted over a decade ago (this is no new news!), about 30% of CEO’s are 6’2” and above while only 3.9% of the overall U.S. population is this height.  Coincidence?

2.  Outdoor concerts

Can you say, best view in the house?!  A lawn chair is great and all but when you have the best aerial view of your favorite artist on-stage by default, it doesn’t get much better!

3.  Reaching things on the top shelf

As a tall person, we never have to worry about finding a step stool!  We have V.I.P. access to every top shelf around the world!  (Helpful tip…this also comes in handy if you need to hide anything around the house)

4.  Picking on little kids

I know it doesn’t sound very nice but as the fun (and tall) uncle/aunt/cousin…we’re obligated to play at least one game of “I bet you can’t reach this” with some poor kid.  They may cry a little bit when they realize they really can’t successfully climb your leg, torso and arm to reach whatever you’re holding but they’ll look back and laugh at the fond years later!  Trust me.

5.  Being chosen for pick-up games

We really don’t need to explain this.  Even if you’re not the most athletically inclined tall person, you never have to worry about being chosen last for a pick-up game at the gym.

6.  Amusement Parks

That new roller coaster ride, we never have to worry about being too short.  This type of thing is nothing but good for the self-esteem of every above average height child growing up

7.  Anytime you need a little respect

How often have you seen a tall person being bullied by someone shorter?  I’m willing to bet that this has almost never happened!  Our height simply commands respect.  So any situation where a little respect is needed, we’re at an advantage.  Being skipped at the checkout counter?  Not us.

8.  Dating

We’ve already touched on the fact that tall guys have a clear advantage in the dating world.  But let’s not sleep on the tall ladies out there.  For many average height men, dating a tall woman is seen as a status symbol.  Some say “dating a tall woman is like driving a Porsche!”  Their words…but we can agree.

9.  We’re unique!

Enough said.

So what do you say, talls?  Any other times when being tall comes in handy?  Let’s hear it…

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