Tall Painting featuring RAVEWITHDAVE

29 Apr

Tall Painting

I came across this amazing piece of art at around 2:00am looking for interesting material that suits our unique social club. Enjoy and be mesmerized.

This style of painting is called Tall Painting. It’s where you pour paint over an object, and then do the same thing again and again with different colors of paint. This unique way of doing art reminds me of how unique we are as taller individuals. Our height allows our views to cascade over many different horizons.
The result is a really cool cascading ripple of colors that create a beautiful effect. In a way, watching how this is made in the video is even better than looking at the finished product. The process is more stunning than the result.



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One Response to “Tall Painting featuring RAVEWITHDAVE”

  1. Shari May 10, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Really LOVE this!!!

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